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Former conductor of Claude François, Michel Cassez, about Dean Grant:
You bring something that is obviously not from here!

A mélange of the American 50’s and the breeze of the French Mediterranean while preserving today’s sound


Dean Grant is a producer and a recording artist. He produces and releases music into the world from his studio in cooperation with Records Gramophonique.

‘As a recording artist, performing live often feels like re-producing my work in less favorable conditions.
Besides, as a composer, it also often keeps me from writing.

Being a producer in this baffling and inspiring technical epoch, my music travels faster than I could ever do myself in person, all this while I’m in the studio producing songs about life in general. Nothing but efficiency and pleasure, I’m very grateful for that!

That being said, with all the attention my work and albums recently get, a certain curiosity is being born, making concerts possible as soon as the artistic challenges become too big for me to resist!

By Records Gramophonique

Phone: +31 35 203 17 35

Wisseloord residence – room 2.5
Catharina van Renneslaan 8-10
1217 CX Hilversum
The Netherlands

Copyright © Dean Grant. All Rights Reserved.